What We Do

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Residential landscape design
Intimate to spacious. Elaborate to low-maintenance. Anything from seasonal gardens to outdoor living rooms, pools, patios and walkways to vegetable and container gardens.

Personalized consultations
For when a full design doesn't fit your time or budget, and some direction is all you need. On-site, over-the-phone or email, you'll be amazed what you can get out of a one or two hour consultation.

Garden maintenance
We know there's plenty of things you'd rather be doing.  Let us take care of the tasks you don't want to do, don't know how to, or just plain refuse to.  We enjoy giving your gardens the attention you wish you had time for and you the time to relax and appreciate them.

Project management
You have the design... so, now what?

Not everyone loves the implementation stage of an outdoor project. It takes a solid understanding of the construction process, efficient coordination of timing and contractor's schedules and effective communication to get the job done. The good news is, not only do we love it but it's our strength.

Meditation, healing & therapy gardens
It's that labyrinth garden to walk in, the butterfly garden to play in or the cozy space you go to meditate.  The soulful space where people and nature connect.

Commercial & community design
Park planning, community gardens, town revitalization, corporate, hospital or academic campuses. Create an inviting outdoor environment doesn't have to end at home. 

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